The city is often compared to Dubai and is considered to be less attractive. In fact many people simply drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, just for work. But saying the city is dull is just shallow and unfair opinion. While not as fabulous as its younger sister Abu Dhabi will surely reward curious visitors with unforgettable stay. Everyone who decides to get a bit deeper into the city nature and its history will find out that there is more than wealth and development built upon oil. Old traditional Arab marketplaces, called "souks" at Port Zayed are a good example of a very different attractions available here. The Heritage Village gives also the idea of the emirate past. On the other hand you should also visit the state-of-the-art Masdar City, which is like a trip to the future. We recommend one of those hop-on hop-off busses showing you briefly the most important parts of Abu Dhabi. You would probably need a company to further inspect the secrets of the city and that's where our directory comes in. Go sightseeing or explore the nightlife of the emirate with our girls. Pick an escort and have fun.

Bahrain, a small Arab state located near the coast of the Persian Gulf, is a group of 33 islands of which Bahrain Island is the largest. It is considered quite modern among Arab countries, not resistant to western influences and modernization. Various cultures, ethnicities and religions are common and welcome in Bahrain. Coffee, often flavoured with cardamom and saffron, is an important element of every day life in Bahrain, with coffee shops located on every main street. And among local food Machbous is a popular dish made of fish or meat, served with rice. Visitors can spend a wonderful time scuba diving, horse riding or bird watching, while history buffs will find many ancient forts and museums containing artefacts as old as 9000 years old. Bahrain also doesn't fall short in the night-life department. Numerous pubs and clubs are based in city centers of Bahrain, especially in the Manama capital city. Top DJs playing great music, live bands of different genres and even karaoke performers can be found in various music venues. If you'd like to enjoy all those attractions with a beautiful girl by your side then don't hesitate to contact one of our escorts. She'll be sure to show you a good time and take care of your companionship needs.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, houses almost half of the country citizens. No wonder, since it's a modern, rapidly developing city with the newly built state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport operating flight from all around the world. Called by many The Shining Jewel of Qatar, Doha is a great destination for shopping in the city's plentiful malls, while fans of picturesque shores and ocean views will be amazed by the Corniche promenade, extending for several miles along the Doha Bay. The National Museum and the futuristic Education City are certainly worth a visit if you're hungry for Qatar's history and culture. Many sports complexes are available as well, thanks to Qatar's hosting the 2006 Asian Games. Doha is filled with luxurious restaurants serving mouth watering food and drinks. Pubs and night clubs can be enjoyed every day until morning hours, catering to fans of good music and partying on the dance floor. These are perfect spots for bringing a lady of your choice with you. Just look through our selection of attractive escorts and you'll be sure to find one you'll enjoy spending time with.

The fame of Dubai has reached the farthest parts of the globe. What makes this city so special? Well, frankly it is the most developed and the safest place in the Middle East. Dubai has attracted many global companies providing modern infrastructure and premium financial services. It has become the extraordinary shopping hub with famous Dubai Mall containing over a thousand shops and hosting some of the world's most exclusive brands. Some people call it a land of opportunity. Businessmen come here because there is practically no tax, no complex regulations, good international working climate. All this combined with awesome weather and fantastic venues make Dubai a perfect place for business and casual trips. If you need a company to relieve stress or just a guide to show you the city, our escorts will be your perfect choice. Spending some quality time with the right people in extraordinary surroundings is surely unique experience. Call our girls and you'll see that Dubai is more than Jumeirah, Burj al Arab or Burj Khalifa.

"Fragrant Harbour" is the original meaning of this densely populated city's name. And it suits Hong Kong quite well. Located at the South China Sea's shore, this thriving metropoly's limited area leaves the growth no other way to go, but up. However the city's zone still manages demonstrate a unique combination of natural enviroment, including grassy hills, beaches and forests, and modern, urbanized land. But tradition isn't completely gone from this business focused city. Cultural heritage is preserved, historical building taken care of, temples conserved. Open-air markets provide this harbour city one of its fragrances and welcome international shoppers that seek all kinds of products, from local food and hand made souvenirs to electronics and luxury items. For one of the most amazing cityscape views don't miss The Peak. Bringing a lady to this spot during a clear night guarantees her holding onto you from excitement. If your companion likes receiving gifts, bring her to Temple Street Night Market across the bay or the Ladies' Market on Tung Choi Street. Cosmetics, clothes or bags are plentiful and both of you will surely enjoy this exotic shopping experience. If you're travelling solo however then we can help you find beautiful and adventurous escorts that will be happy to spend time with you. Browse the escorts selection right here on UberGirls and make your Hong Kong visit full of nights to remember.

When you arrive in Shanghai, unless you were never in a skyscraper dominated city, you won't be impressed by the high cityscape. The beauty of Shanghai lies lower, in the busy streets, vibrant and filled with loud and colorful locals. Walking around the city is a one of a kind experience, but not the only attraction Shanghai has to offer. You've probably heard of the extremely fast Maglev Train connecting the airport with city center - you shouldn't miss this short, but intense ride if you like such excitement. For long walks along the riverfront The Bund is the place to be. It's a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, so better avoid it if you dislike crowds. For history buffs The Shanghai Museum is a worthwhile stop. China's rich history is displayed there with hundreds of antiques and historical documents. Be prepared however to spend more than a day inside if you wish to see all of its exhibitions. When it comes to nightlife, Shanghai doesn't leave much to be desired. Clubs, bars and music venues are plentiful and often grouped into lifestyle hubs, with Xintiandi being a prime example, making bar hopping convenient. Nightclubs are usually decorated in a various western styles, but if you'd like a more local flavor you can ask around for Chinese clubs as well. After an eventful day the best places to spend the night are high class hotels, such as Hyatt or Marriott. We can't help you get a room there, but here at UberGirls you'll find someone to spend your time with. Check out the wide selection of escorts, browse photos and services they offer to find your perfect match.

Sharjah is one of the largest emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is not as popular as Dubai. However, it is considerably larger and also very interesting. This emirate is a great place to visit for everyone. It is said that Sharjah is a perfect blend of traditional Arabian culture and modern luxury. You can explore and discover the secrets of Arabian lifestyle here. Here you will find fantastic range of hotels that cater for all travelers. This place offers a great array of fun- both during the day and after dark. You can visit a lot of museums, art galleries and beautifully restored monuments. There are also loads of attractions like the park at Al Mamzar Beach, Sharjah Aquarium or even entertainment centers. Whether you are on a business trip or a pleasure adventure, you will find here everything you need. If you are wondering what to do after dark you do not have to worry. Nightlife in Sharjah is very rich. Set an appointment with one of our ladies. We guarantee, she will show you that Sharjah is a great destination for you.

While it's the world's second most densely populated country, it is also an enormous city that's influenced by several cultures: Chinese, Indian and Malay. This gives this city-state a particular look and feel, well worth experiencing in person. Singapore Island is the biggest of the over 60 islands that are part of this small country. The warm climate and multiple tropical beaches entice tourists seeking vacation spots to the area. Singapore is famously called a Garden City, where clean technology and nature meet. But Singaporeans aspire to increase nature's influence even more and see the future of Singapore as a City in a Garden. But if after walking around the city's greener parts, including the Botanical Gardens or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, you're hungry for something different then read on. In case you're into gambling, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa casinos await you, welcoming foreigners with passports for free. The F1 Singapore Grand Prix, organized during the night, is another exciting event, especially for Formula 1 and racing fans. Various sports can be enjoyed in Singapore all year long, even the winter variety, thanks to its indoor snow center. At the end of an eventful day a visit to a spa is recommended, best when accompanied by a beautiful lady of your choice. If you seek a sexy escort to help you enjoy your visit then you've come to the right place.