Frequently asked questions about our British escorts

Feel free to take a look at our list of common questions if you need any additional assistance. We hope that we have been able to help you with any burning queries that are on your mind.

What is a British Escort?

A British escort is a woman or man who has been born in the UK and is currently working as an adult companion. A lot of them enjoy being described as "English Roses" If you are looking for a British escort in London, then you should be in luck, considering that London is the capital of the UK. A British escort will have a strong English accent that will distinguish them from other escorts.

What's so good about booking a British Escort from London Escorts?

Our escort directory is dedicated to bringing you the "cream of the crop" when it comes to the British Escorts London has to offer. Not only are they extremely high-class but they are dignified and respectful in every task they undertake. Unlike other escorts, British escorts always keep their manners and will make you feel like you are in the company of nobility. If you have always dreamed of looking like a true gentleman, booking British escort is the perfect thing for you.

Are these all of your escorts in London?

As we are a directory for London escorts, there are not our own escorts. Instead, they are independent companions and escorts from escort agencies in London that have chosen to advertise their services on our website. Our directory can show you the finest escorts in London and help you choose an agency or independent that suits you.

Are these escorts from agencies or are they independents?

Our British escorts are both Independent and agency companions. That means you will either be negotiating with the lady in question herself or the reception team at the agency.

Can I select more than just a "British Escort" through your filters?

Category-wise, yes you can! If you take a look at our Gallery, you will see that we have several categories that you can choose from. Once you have selected your British escort, take a look at the other selection features. You have the option for "language", "age" and "companionship rates" and "ad type." Feel free to select the categories that apply to your tastes. From there you will be able to select characteristics of escorts that interest you. The appropriate escorts from London will then be selected for you. You can then look into the ones that you feel will be a good fit for you.

Are all of your escorts genuine?

Please keep in mind that as this is a directory and not an escort agency in London, we cannot say that all of the profiles are genuine. In order to find a genuine London escort take a look at her profile and check to see if she has been verified. If she has then there is more chance that she is the real deal. You can also check your chosen escort's social media and email her to make sure that she is genuine.

Do I have to pay any additional fees?

You do not need to pay any fees for using London to find your perfect escort. However, keep in mind that when you speak to the different agencies and escorts, they may have different opinions. They may include travel fees or take a deposit to ensure that your escort is paid for her services. Make sure to look at the agency's rates and FAQ pages to check out whether or not you will need to pay anything on top of your date.

What services does a British escort provide?

Meeting up with a British escort in London is an experience that you will truly enjoy. Your beautiful companion will be just like any other but will have come from a different culture. That means that their services will depend on their own personal preferences. Some may enjoy hotter activities, whilst others may just enjoy a gentle GFE. Make sure to check in with your escort to find out.

What details do I need to provide?

When you make a booking with the escort or the agency in question, they may ask you for some personal information. This will include your name, age, location, booking location, time and your contact details (aka. your email and phone). They may also ask if you have any special requirements that need to be met by your escort.

How long will it take to meet my British escort

When it comes to meet up with one of the escorts Britain has to offer, you need to realise that they are all individuals. That means that how long it takes to meet them depends on your negotiations with the escort herself or with her agency. If you want to meet her asap then it's up to you to make that clear when you're making a booking.

How do I contact my British escort?

To contact your British escort in London, you can either click on her website and go to her profile there, or you can use her phone number or click "send a message to..." That way you can connect directly to your lovely escort and make arrangements that way. Make sure to provide specific details about the services you expect and where you want to go for your date. That way your escort will know precisely what sort of date you are after.

Book a British Escort now!

You will find that booking a date with a British escort is truly amazing. They are respectful, courteous and certainly understand their manners. There are dignity and sophistication in British escorts that cannot be captured by others. The more time you spend with them, the more powerful and classy you will feel.

We hope that you will have fun on your date!